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The Billion Roses

Le Square - Roses that last one year

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In case of any questions regarding the delivery or the bouquet, we are going to contact you (the sender) on this number. NOT the recipient's contact number needed here, you can let us know that later in the checkout.
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Sixteen roses to say how much they mean to you!

This brand new boxed rose bouquet is sure to dazzle your loved one. With sixteen real, delicate roses that last a whole year with no watering or maintenance packaged, you can bring a small token of your affection to your loved one. We professionally arrange each rose into one of our custom white or black colored square rose boxes that go perfectly with any décor!

And, the best part is . . . you can choose the colors of your roses! Just select the colors that mean the most to you and your loved one from the dropdown menu before you order!


Accessories (for example cakes, computers, books, homewares) are not included.


Height: 18cm

Width: 20cm