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The Billion Roses

Metallic Collection - Gold, Silver, Rose Gold - Roses that last one year

This message will be printed onto the plain white greeting card. 300 characters. No emojis.
In case of any questions regarding the delivery or the bouquet, we are going to contact you (the sender) on this number. NOT the recipient's contact number needed here, you can let us know that later in the checkout.
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If you need a unique bouquet that will really stand out, this Gold Collection will fulfil all your desires. Perfect for your loved one in your life, these unique flowers are long lasting roses that will stay fresh for 1 year without losing their beautiful form, shape or unique colour. The roses come in your choice of a white, black, pink, gold, green camo or a grey camo box.

The Gold Collection:

  • Approximately 22 to 25 preserved roses are included in the bouquet, depending on the individual sizes of the rose bud.
  • No water needed!
  • Complimentary personalised message written on our customised station


- Never water the roses

- Do not put the lid on top

- Do not take out the roses

- Do not put them under direct sunlight