How to order:

1 Browse /roses that last 1 year or roses that last 1 week/

Explore the range of our gorgeous arrangements. Choose carefully as we have fresh /last 1 week/ and preserved roses /last 1 year/ also. Only the preserved roses will be available for worldwide shipping.

2 Buy 

After finding your loved bouquet, specify the details, let us know the greeting message that goes to the greeting card, the recipient's name, delivery address etc. In the checkout process, you can pick a delivery date from the delivery calendar.

3 Done

After purchasing, you are going to receive the notification emails with all the details that you provided. Double check never can be wrong! :) 



Worldwide and Nationwide orders are dispatched in 1-2 business day after your purchase and please don't use the delivery calendar for the international and nationwide orders.

For certain countries, additional customs charges may apply.