Fresh roses with the billionaire touch!

Fresh roses with the billionaire touch!

There's nothing like the lush feeling you get from the sweet scent of fresh velvet soft roses. Every colour is rich and vibrant, which captures your eyes and leaves you mesmerised. The Billion Roses is all about the luxurious feelings in life. Our roses provide exactly that. 

Straight from Columbia, our roses are of the highest quality and are grown with the utmost tender love and care. We then wrap the high-quality roses in oh so opulent, Parisian inspired handmade boxes.  

Our roses come in a wide array of silky smooth colours for you to choose from. To add the cherry on top, we also provide the luxurious and classy handmade boxes in a range of colours and patterns.

The finishing touch is that the box comes equipped with high-quality flower food and floral foam to ensure your roses stay looking like a billion dollars for the duration of the week. We don't just do roses, we create luxuriously beautiful realities for you and your special someone, fit for a billionaire.

To find the perfect fit for you, browse our range of fresh rose arrangements here.